Our Services For You

Lawn Mowing

We provide you with professional and complete Lawn Mowing service in North and West Auckland areas.

Our Lawn Mowing Service includes:


Lawn Mowing: You choose if you want us to just cut, mulch or catch. We can leave the clippings on your lawn, work it into your lawn or catch the clippings and either leave them on your compost pile or take it away. It is your lawn so you make the call.

Edging: No lawn is perfect without perfectly trimmed edges. Be it your pathways, edges and features in your garden, we make sure your entire property looks perfect, not just your lawns.

Blowing: To make your property perfect and complete we blow all your paths and driveways to get rid of any leaves and grass clippings. In that way your property is always tidy and you safe yourself even sweeping your grounds.

Enjoy the extra time for YOURSELF!


We offer you a complete range of gardening services for all sizes of gardens, from the little town house to the large estate, we do it all! Our services include but are not limited to:

– light tree work including felling and pruning
– hedge trimming
– planting
– pruning or re-shaping shrubs
– weed control

Hedge Trimming

Trimmed and tidy hedges give your property an immaculate look and it doesn’t need to be done very often, just a couple of times a year, so it’s a very affordable addition to your lawn service. We trim your hedges, remove the cut offs and clean your grounds after – complete no worries service!

Clean Ups and Rubbish Removal

Do you have an overgrown, neglected or cluttered garden? We clean it up and make your garden the envy of your neighbors. This service includes:
– Lawn Mowing
– Light tree work including removal and pruning
– Hedge trimming
– Weeding and weed spraying
– Planting

Or do you have a collection of green waste or rubbish in your garden? We remove it for you and bring it to the dump at competitive prices.

Just call us and we take care of it.

Weedspraying – Weed Control

We take care of your weeds with comprehensive spraying. We use the right spray for the right application and clean your footpath, patios, driveways and lawns – for your green and tidy home.